Our Wildflower Seed Bars

We donated some of our lovely Wildflower Seed Bars to Farleigh school and the Year 2 have been enjoying them this summer term! 

Our Seed Bars are perfect for your young children this summer!

It is a simple and easy way to grow flowers and plants in your garden or on your window sill. Place the bar in a container in a sunny place, water regularly and wait until the seedlings are ready to pot or plant out. 

"Year 2 had a lovely first day back yesterday, planting bars of wildflower seeds as part of a science lesson. As well as learning all the about the things the seeds will need to thrive, they also made predictions of how they will look, resulting in some very colourful and creative flower drawings! The children are planning to be very conscientious with tending to their bars, so that they can be planted out to create a beautiful display of wildflowers to support bees and butterflies. Huge thanks to @loungersclothing for kindly donating these to us!"

We are so happy that the Year 2 absolutely loved planting the Wildflower Seed Bars and we can't wait to see the results!

Get yours now, it is the perfect, mess free activity for your young ones!

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