This is us...

We are Karen (left), and daughters Emilia and Olivia (left to right).

We feel passionately about sustainability in clothing and  have loved researching and designing our Loungers. We very much hope that you enjoy wearing them as much as we have enjoyed the journey to bring them to you.


Where in the world would you go for brushed cotton? Well, it has to be Portugal.

The business we use is built on their ethical and social values. They promote the use of natural resources, energy and raw materials in line with ecological principles and the protection of the environment. What is more, their organic brushed cotton is superbly soft.


It is incredibly important to us that the manufacturing of our Loungers is carried out by a company who not only believe in our ethos and vision, but who could also deliver to our high production and ethical standards.

Portugal meets these criteria and prides itself on working towards a secure future for the planet. It strives for dedication and integrity and is committed to never compromising on their values and quality standards

Seed Paper

Natural Branding is a Spanish, family-run company with more than two decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of natural and ecological products. They were pioneers in the production and printing of seeded paper and supply our sustainable tags.

'Don't throw me, grow me' is a great mantra and we hope that you (and the bees) enjoy the beautiful wild flowers that will appear. We love this photo of Fernando, taken on his wedding day with his sons, who help him in the business.


Every time we purchase packaging, they donate to their own charity, empowering women by teaching them skills in avocado production. In the Bafoussam region of Cameroon, where nearly 80% of the population live on agriculture, avocado producers have faced many issues as a result of climate change and harmful agricultural practices. Raja, and their local partner, are helping to enable women to become more economically independent and strengthen their place in the community. 

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