We know that farming of conventional cotton uses approximately 16% of the world’s insecticides and 7% of all pesticides produced. That’s why our cotton is Global Organic Textile Standard Certified. This means it is grown without the use of synthetic fertilisers or toxic pesticides and that it also meets the social criteria based on the International Labour Organisation.

Another positive with organic farming is that through crop rotations and companion planting, soil fertility is built naturally, locking in carbon dioxide into the soil which helps mitigate climate change. Added to this are our recycled fabrics. Did you know that scrap fabric is typically burned, which has an adverse effect on greenhouse gas levels in the environment? So that’s why we recover and re-use production scraps to add a mix of recycled and rewoven yarns to our organic cotton.


Seed Paper... ‘Don’t Throw Me, Grow Me’ may seem a strange statement to put on the back of our tags, but that is exactly what we want you to do. Our tags are made from seed paper and discarded cotton fibres, so you can be confident that no trees have been felled.

They are impregnated with six varieties of plant seeds which will attract butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects. Plus, all the ink we use is vegetable-based, respecting the environment. So go ahead, plant your tag and watch it grow!


As you would expect, our boxes and bags are 100% recyclable and made from wood pulp from sustainable forests. Even our stickers are printed on recycled paper!

Did you know though that, unlike most companies, we also use 100% recyclable, eco-friendly tissue paper printed with soya ink. 


In trying to limit our use of plastics, we found a completely natural, environmentally-friendly alternative for our iconic Loungers buttons - Corozo. Hard -wearing and with each and every button having a unique grain, our Corozo is sourced from the Tagua tree, grown in carefully managed rainforests in Ecuador. The Corozo harvest from the nuts of this unique tree provides economic stability for the local population, reducing their need to cut down the forests to make a living. So, when you buy Loungers you are indirectly helping to save the ancient rainforests!  

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