Summer is calling!

Lounge in Luxury with Loungers Clothing…

Summer is calling and Loungers have your perfect summer wardrobe sorted!! 

Here at Loungers we believe there is no better way to spend your summer than outside enjoying the beautiful English Countryside (or, if you are lucky, an exotic holiday destination!)

This is why we have designed our hugely comfortable and versatile clothing range to suit your every need this summer. Our Loungers are made of organic brushed cotton and they are colourful, fun and comfortable. Whether you are rocking our long or short styles, Loungers are a wardrobe essential for the upcoming summer months.

Whether you are Lounging around on a hot summer evening, out and about on a country walk, on a trip to the shops or even just relaxing in the garden with your loved ones, Loungers are what you need to be wearing as they combine comfort, practicality and style. 

If you need more persuading…Have a look at what our customers have said!!

 "My children absolutely love them! We got them at Spirit last year and we will be back for some more!"  Lily, 2024

"The Red Panda shorts have been a real hit. My husband won't take them off"    Minnie, 2024

Fortunately, our Loungers come in a huge swathe of wonderful colours and styles, so, by choosing the right shape and colourway you can ensure that our Loungers become a favourite part of your summer wardrobe. 

Are you a fan of green? Look no further than our gorgeous Green Sea Turtle Loungers. 

Do the colours of blue or red take your fancy? Let me introduce our very popular Blue Whale or Hector’s Dolphin style.

Are you a sucker for pinks and purples? Our Sunda Tiger’s will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. 

Perhaps you prefer to be more traditional in your trouser colours? If so, you can’t go wrong with our Sea Otters – these are simple yet stylish.  

As the days get longer and the nights get warmer we implore you to try out our Loungers. We know you won’t be disappointed as there is nothing better than enjoying the comfort, ease and style of our Loungers shorts or trousers in the upcoming summer months. 

Now, more than ever, why not Lounge in luxury!

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