Loungers and Yarn

Genuine 100% British wool jumpers that stand up to the tests of time and trends.

We are so excited to have paired up with our great friends at Snelston knitwear who produce an exclusive limited edition range of 100% British wool jumpers. So exclusive that only 75 have been made!

Charles and LJ run a family estate in Derbyshire and are as passionate about their sheep as we are about our organic brushed cotton Loungers. Sourced from their flock of Shetland, Mule and Blue-Faced Leicester Sheep they produce this stylish range of jumpers from their fleeces. Their wool is scoured, spun, dyed and woven in the UK to produce a traditional jumper that is hard to find.

Costing £110 for either plain or patterned they are ecologically sound and provenance-assured  - the perfect fit for our super soft Loungers.

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