Introducing Loungers!

Relax and unwind in our collection of cosy loungewear. Made from organic brushed cotton, our Loungers are the most comfortable and soft loungewear in the world (we think!). Don’t believe us? Listen to some of our wonderful customers,

They look great and are so comfortable to wear, whether it’s around the house or after a post-work dip in the sea. I’ve now placed an order for my other half who wants a pair for himself.” Zara, 2024

They are quite simply wonderful and the ultimate addition to a winters evening by the fire!” Ali, 2024

They are perfect and gorgeous thank you so very much and I know we will definitely be ordering more as everyone loves them” Laura, 2024


Our Loungers really are an everyday must-have for after work, you will never want to take them off! They are off-duty essentials! Perfect to throw on for a dog walk, relaxing or doing chores around the house or in the garden.

Treat yourself to our stunning range of loungewear, from Lounge shorts to trousers to sweatshirts. All of our products are designed with extreme comfort in mind.

Our reversible waistband is very on trend, all the youngsters absolutely love this feature! Our Loungers are absolutely loved at boarding schools and Universities up and down the country!

Here at Loungers, we are unique as we offer a longer leg for those under 6ft. If your children, nieces or nephews, husband or wife is blessed with the tall gene, our Loungers are a MUST HAVE!

Our Loungers are the perfect present, we have a colourway for every individual (and keep your eyes peeled as we are releasing some more very soon…!).

Our Sea Otters are perfect for a classic, understated look whilst our Green Sea Turtles and ‘SafeLives’ are more outgoing and bold. We also have our Sunda Tigers (pictured below) for a more feminine fit and Hectors Dolphin for that carefree, outdoorsy individual!


Don’t forget all our Long Loungers colours also come in shorts! As the weather is getting warmer, days are longer, and the sun is actually coming out why not treat yourself to some of our bestselling shorts! They are breathable, soft and durable – perfect for the English Summer.

That’s not all, here at Loungers we pride ourselves on being ethical, sustainable and organic.

Want to shop guilt free? Know that you are not contributing to pollution, unethical or unsustainable practices?

Shop here!

The cotton we use is Global Organic Textile Standard Certified, we recycle unused fabric and are always looking for inventive ways to reuse our offcuts (scrunchies are on the agenda this year)!

All our clothing tags are biodegradable and impregnated with seed varieties, and our packaging is 100% recyclable, made from sustainable forests!

And finally, all our colourways are named after endangered animals to raise awareness!

If that hasn’t convinced you that you and your family desperately need a pair, I will leave a few more reviews from our very happy customers below!

I’ve now have three pairs. Love them” David, 2024

 “I bought your pj's for all my family of 5 for christmas from your stall at the Burghley Horse Trials and we love them. Just fabulous, we love the quality and you were right they are 'super soft'!” Anna, 2024

I bought a pair of the men's Red Panda loungers in size 34/R at Spirit of Christmas for my son's stocking. He loved them and would love another pair. PLEASE restock! Camilla, 2024



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