Red Panda long shorts

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Crafted in 100% organic cotton, these relaxed fit Shorts are tailor-made for warmer months or for those who just like cooler lounging

Sitting just above the knee, these casual shorts boast the same great detail as our long Loungers, including deep side pockets and a back pocket featuring our iconic corozo button.

Named in honour of the  Red Pandas Red pandas are a very solitary species that are excellent climbers. Often considered to be a nocturnal species, the red panda spends most of the daytime sleeping on high branches or inside hollow trees. 

Red Pandas are classified as an endangered species, with the most recent estimates suggesting that less than 10,000 red pandas exist in the wild currently.

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Customer Reviews

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Derek Lawson
Panda perfect

I received a pair of these as a gift at Burghley horse show the other day and I can honestly say that I have never had a better pair of shorts! Comfortable fit, great quality and look fabulous on. Thank you so very much.

washed and worn everyday for last 2 weeks

Really soft and washed and worn several times with no loss of size or quality. Cant wait for another design!

Eagerly awaited and matched expectations

I bought a pair of long loungers last year from Chelsea and Loungers mentioned then that they were hoping to produce shorts. I put my name down to wait and look what came in the post this week! They are fabulous, same soft feel and attention to detail and just in time for the heat wave