Men's Green Sea Turtle


Our Loungers are super soft and made with organic brushed cotton. Our cotton is Global Organic Textile Standard Certified. This means it is grown without the use of synthetic fertilisers or toxic pesticides and that it also meets the social criteria based on the International Labour Organisation. With deep pockets and double stitched seams what is there not to love?

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These striking green and blue loungers are named in honour of the endangered Green Sea Turtle. They are named for the green colour of their shells, which derives from the algae and sea grasses that they munch on. Found throughout the world—nesting in over 80 countries, and found living in the coastal areas of over 140 countries—these turtles are considered endangered.

Why they’re in trouble: They are subject to a number of threats: unintended capture in fishing gear, egg harvesting, nesting habitat degradation, vessel strikes, ocean pollution, warming climate, and disease.

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