Our Sea Otters

Harlequin Rugby player Jack Kenningham has been spotted in this colour way! 

Head to our Instagram @loungersclothing to see 👀

With a deep blue base colour, a subtle grey check pattern, reversible waistband and a velvet drawstring what is not to love!

They are extremely versatile, you can wear them in the evening whilst your winding down after a busy day OR wear them whilst walking your dog & running errands...

Our Sea Otters are one of our best selling, most loved pairs 🦦

Named in honour of the Sea Otter, a critically endangered marine mammal. Over the past century humans have proved the biggest threat to otters. In the UK, intensive farming practices have led to polluted rivers and our Eurasian otters only thrive in the cleanest water.

I've included some links about Sea Otters.. just in case you wanted some extra information:




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