Loungers never get old, they get new beginnings.

Our intention is that your Loungers will last for years, even decades, before being discarded. We hope that you will want to replace them, perhaps with a new design, and when you do, please don’t throw them away. We have a new home waiting just for them in Kenya.

Kenya Lacrosse aim to give hope and opportunity to underprivileged African athletes through the power of international Lacrosse, to achieve a better future for themselves and their community. Lacrosse not only gives young people a respite from their everyday lives but also gives them an opportunity to build friendships, get life-mentoring and receive health education and screening. Most importantly, they are provided with food, water and basic necessities and help to fund their education.

In the same way that we never burn or throw away our old stock, but upcycle, if you send them back to us, we will happily send your Loungers to Kenya. Through Kenya Lacrosse they will be distributed to areas of both rural and urban poverty where we have many people, young and old, who would love to give them a new beginning


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