Back to School!!

We love seeing all you guys back at Boarding School wearing our Loungers!

Please continue tagging us in your TikTok’s, reels & Instagram posts…

Loungers are perfect for Boarding School...

We have been spotted at Canford, Marlborough College, Eton, Cheltenham, Harrow & Radley!!

You can wear them to breakfast in the morning, in your dorms, on your free periods or studs, in prep, after sports or chilling on the weekend.

Style them like Pyjamas or pop on an ‘In Print We Trust’ tee, a ‘Picante’ or ‘Adanola’ Hoodie, a ‘Moorelly’ scarf, a pair of ‘Sambas’ & some ‘Bijoux de Mimi’ huggie hoops and you are good to go!

Our Green Sea Turtle Loungers have been extremely popular for the girls (Check out our Tiktok to see influencers like Mary McCarthy, Tory Dodd & Annabel DeJong styling them!) Our Sea Otter & Red Panda Loungers have been a hit amongst the boys and are usually seen worn with a massive hoodie or a quarter zip!

They are super comfy and perfect to pop on to relax & wind-down after a busy day at school.  Our Loungers were extremely popular at Christmas for this exact reason!! So, if you have a niece, nephew, son, daughter, cousin’s birthday coming up... Loungers are the perfect present!!!

P.s We are opening our Ambassadors program in the coming weeks!!  

There is a link in our bio on Instagram with our Ambassadors form, if you fill that in we will get in touch with further details!

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